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Maranatha – Luxury Accommodation in Touristic Hub – Perched on the mountain, Maranatha Property offers two luxury apartments in the Frigate Bay area – the hub of touristic activities in St Kitts.

  • Just about 10-minute drive from the airport, there is never a dull moment for the out-going traveler whether it is day or night or enjoying the sea, golfing, hiking, sight-seeing or sampling the many international cuisine.
  • Both air-conditioned apartments are fully furnished with Cable TV, high-speed internet and WIFI, ceiling fans, hot and cold water, laundry facility, standby generator, and cistern.
  • One nightly rate. No added tax, service charge or fees.

Maranatha 2-Bedroom Luxury Apartment

Overlooking the Marriot’s, the Atlantic breeze hits you in the face; the sunlight coming in to add its Caribbean warmth; the color, the lights and the curtains add a touch of class to a tranquil atmosphere. Nightly rate – US$100. Contact us to make your booking!

Maranatha 1-Bedroom Luxury Apartment

Overlooking the mountainside, the intimate dwelling allows gusts to enjoy a privacy unmatched on the property – that makes it the preferred accommodation for couples. Nightly rate – US$80. Contact us to make your booking!

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