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Mingling Projects and Activities

Adriens is an operation with a human face! Our business culture is mingling and building lives. We give back to the community through public education, one-on-one coaching, and City Ministries. Business or personal, we teach people how to overcome challenges, increase value and celebrate success!.

Mingling Gallery

This Gallery is a celebration of life-changing stories in pictures! Photos – Courtesy of Adriens and the contributing Adriens and Maranatha family. Enjoy!

Coach Adrien mingles with senior citizens in the inner City of Basseterre, St Kitts.
Coach Adrien mingling with senior citizens in the inner city of Basseterre.
Coach Adrien interacts with Jennifer Dunne, author of ROAR at CFBC Annual Authors Forum, 25 April 2022
Celebrated authors (L-R) Glenroy Blachette; Jennifer Dunne; Ana Ross and Joycelyn Pennyfeather (Coach at right)
Coach Adrien managing the interaction between authors and the audience.

Let’s work together!

Hire us! Adriens deliver! We know the market; we have the expertise; we exceed expectations! Do you want customers; production and profit? Do you want to accomplish your life dreams? Work with a Certified Business and Professional Coach!