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The viability of public sector agencies and private sector firms is threatened by developments in the global marketplace. The increasing cost of doing business impacts negatively on the profitability and viability of small, mid-sized and large companies.

Markets imperfections and movements in disposable income make consumers more cautious. Today’s buyers are demanding quality services, competitive prices and value for money.

Consequently, Caribbean high-cost producers, distributors and credit institutions are losing market share because of inherent structural inefficiencies, lingering low productivity and dysfunctional work ethics, low level of technology and just-in-time decision-making.

Agencies, business and institutions risk failure or marginalization unless they respond decisively to the new business environment by investing in knowledge, building capacity, being innovative, becoming more efficient and customer-driven.

Adriens introduces a suite of training modules designed to transform and modernise your agency, company or institution and, give it the desired competitive edge! The following are the flagship programmes.

The Productivity Toolkit offers industry best practices, operations-specific skills, production-efficiency know-hows and, work-floor behaviour modifiers for increasing competitiveness. The training module teaches how to increase income and profitability by lowering operational costs, maximising the use of capital and technology, improving labour output, building capacity and managing time as a resource.

Customer Relation Management addresses the changing relationship dynamics in the emerging weightless economy. Participants are transported into the new world of distribution where contagious caring and the sense of family expand clientele.

Sustainable Mind Share establishes the connection between branding, competitiveness and market share. The module develops skills in (product or company) branding, rebranding and brand management; the measurement of brand patronage and goodwill and; designing sustainable brands.

Corporate Finance equips the corporate community with the requisite tools for understanding corporate behaviour, investment profile, and associated downside risk. The course covers international business, business incorporation, corporate financing, equity valuation and accounting, and business consolidation and valuation. The module focuses on small open systems and blends theory with real-time market developments.

Risk-based underwriting is a risk management module for credit institutions (banks, credit unions and finance companies) for underwriting all classes of loans. In the new market, developing in-house expertise in risk-weighted credit underwriting and risk-based pricing is critical for increasing returns on the credit portfolio, controlling delinquency and managing asset quality.

Each training module is designed to address the capacity-building needs of your business; each package includes interactive presentation, casework, reading material or handout.