Business & Finance

A New Frontier in Business & Finance

Business outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Industry-leaders in production, distribution, transport, telecommunications, hospitality, education, health etc expand market share and increase profitability by cutting overheads and outsourcing goods and services along the value chain. Competitive firms outsource management, engineering, legal, accounting, training and marketing services for production or capacity-building purposes.

Adriens’ industry know-how and coaching methodology will help transform your company, increase sales, boost profits and raise reputational capital. We place a core of highly qualified experts to offer you unparallel business, sporting, tourism, banking and investment services.

Business services: We offer producers, manufacturers, distributors and service providers opportunities for business process-re-engineering, strategic planning, product innovation, management training and employee orientation.

Banking and finance: We offer specially tailored training modules in loan underwriting, risk management, portfolio management, re-branding and customer care.

Investment management: We do valuation of investment instruments, products and options; provide valuation of money market instruments, treasuries, bonds and equities; advice on banks, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies,  investment schemes, investment clubs and; undertake money and capital market research.

Tourism and sport business services: we are experts in designing sectoral development strategies; developing industry profiles; doing venue/destination assessments; developing tourism products; sport business development; sport event management and; crafting marketing strategies.