Cricket and Development

Cricket and Development establishes the nexus between development and cricket, and tourism and cricket. The volume addresses the critical issues, which confront policymakers as the region enters the new millennium, and into a new international economic order characterized by globalization and liberalization.

In the development strategy, the service sector must be reconfigured in order to exploit its full potential, and the tourism industry must be reengineered, as the growth and development of services will obviously revolve around it.

Cricket & Development discusses cricket, a significant service sector, as a vital aspect of the development process.

Cricket is a critical neutralizing mechanism in periods of distress; a vehicle, which establishes faith and hope ‘in the people during cycles of crises and an institution which gives the region a degree of significance on the international market.

Cricket & Development quantifies the contribution of cricket to economic activity, economic growth in the Caribbean. It analyses the impact of cricket (as an industry) on activities in the tourism, construction, telecommunications and transport sectors.

Cricket & Development deals with the role of West Indian cricketers in the socio-political awakening; their contribution to the process of development, and cricket as a balancing mechanism in Caribbean society. The tendency has been to focus on the economic aspect of Caribbean development, and, as a result, the vital role of the socio-cultural aspect has generally been neglected ‘in the equation.

Cricket & Development seeks to make the connection between the social and cultural variables with economic and political variables using the game of cricket, an institution which has become an agent of social change in the British West Indies.

The final chapter discusses the adjustment imperatives for Caribbean economies; develops a comprehensive blueprint for the development of tourism, the nucleus around which the growth of services will revolve, and articulates a catalytic role for cricket.