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Michella Adrien

Cert. Ed; Cert. FL; LLB; LEC, Cert. Invest. Appraisal & Proj. Mgmt; Practice Dip. IP.

Michella AdrienMichella Adrien is a Barrister- at-Law and Solicitor of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and a member of the Eastern Caribbean Bar Association. Michella, who is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and Hugh Wooding Law School, was called to the Bar in St Lucia and in the Federation of St Christopher (Kitts) in 1999.

Michella was an Associate of the prestigious Law firm, Lee Moore and Associates until its dissolution in 2001. Since then, she has set up her own practice, Michella Adrien Law Office, which provides the legal services listed on this Website. Michella’s practice benefits from her wealth of experience in Education and Social Work. A former Probation Officer, she holds a Certificate of Education and a Certificate in Family Life Education from the University of the West Indies. Michella is licensed to incorporate on-shore and off-shore companies, and provides legal services to a wide-range of clients from the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

Miriam Adrien-Thompson


Miriam Adrien-Thompson is an Attorney who operates within the Law Offices of Michella Adrien. Her academic credits include a Bachelors of Laws Degree and a Legal Education Certificate. Her training includes (but not limited to) banking laws and operations, incorporation of companies, legal research, Wills and Trusts, drafting legal documents and instruments, monetary regulatory systems, offshore banking regulation and corporate law and finance.

She has assisted in the drafting of legal instruments related to Money Laundering, Offshore Banking and Credit Unions. Her research expertise involved the drafting and creation of Offshore Banking and Money Laundering legislative models for the eight (8) member territories of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, overseeing the legislative implementation of the Central Banking Act and subsidiary instruments within each member territory, researching relevant case-law and statute concerning matters pertaining to Real Estate, Wills and Trusts, Property Law and Taxation, Insurance Law and Corporate Law.
Miriam has collaborated extensively with public and private companies on behalf of clients in the Caribbean and the United States.